About Us

Gamers Baseball Alaska


Gamers Baseball in an alliance of successful Alaskan baseball players, with the mission of helping to motivate our youth to greater goals and dreams. As an organization, our goal is to increase the interest and participation levels of youth baseball in the state of Alaska.

Gamers baseball was founded by coaches Jamar Hill and and Corey Madden who first became friends playing little league together in Anchorage Alaska. They both went on to play in college and later professionally. They now spend their time mentoring Alaskan players in helping them reach their full potential.

We’d like to give a special thanks to all of wonderful players and families that have made the commitment to come out and play ball! It’s been a great pleasure watching you all improve as players and young men!

About Gamers

Gamers Baseball is a 501-C3 non-profit dedicated to developing Alaskan. We are able to accomplish this through fundraising, training program, and travel teams.


It is important for Alaskan players to develop their skills on a year round basis in order to be successful at high levels of baseball. The biggest economic hurdles that Alaskan players have to overcome is the cost of practicing indoor, and the cost travel to warmer climates. Donations help sustain the operation of our program.  Please click to click below to make a donation.

Training Programs

Gamers offers training programs to help mentor players on the physical, technical, and mental challenges of playing and competing. Our experienced coaches provide a fun, engaging and positive work environment for success as they have done through their personal careers.

Our training program focus on skill development. At Gamers, we expose young players to the technique and discipline needed to reach their full potential. 

Throwing- Our philosophy is to develop the strength and durability of young players. Players receive specialize pitching training at the high school age group. Training is done using these techniques:

  • Velocity Assessment
  • Resistance Training
  • Throwing Program
  • Weight Training
  • General Conditioning
  • Mental Approach Training
  • Mechanical Adjustment
  • Over 20 Years of Combine Professional Baseball Experience

Fielding- Our philosophy is that good ball players find joy in having the ball hit to them. Our fielding practices are design to offer young players the foundation for creative glove work.  Fielding training is done through these techniques:

  • Agility Training
  • Glove Work Training
  • Visualization Training
  • Reaction Time Training
  • Over 20 Years of Combine Professional Baseball Experience

Batting- Our philosophy is that batting is about executing plans.  Gamers offers young batter the foundation to be comfortable reaching the chess match of an At Bat. We teach in two levels; Level One) Mastery of a Mechanical Approach. Level Two) The Mental approach to winning At Bats. Batting Training is done through these techniques:

  • Bat Speed/Ball Exit Velocity Assessment
  • Muscle Memory Training
  • Swing Stamina Training
  • Visualization Training
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Video Analysis
  • Vision Training
  • Over 20 Years of Combine Professional Baseball Experience

High school and Little League program meet twice weekly, while 8U meets twice per week. Our Schedule is listed below:

Travel Programs

Gamers Offers travel teams at various age groups with the goal of plugging Alaskan players into the pipeline of high level coaches, players, and scouts. Tournaments generally take place twice yearly in the fall and Mid-Winter.


Through the support of the Seattle Mariners and Arizona Diamondbacks organization, we are able to provide our players intimate access to MLB workouts, games, and on the field experiences.

Team Building

Our High School level teams are a collection of players with a very high aptitude for baseball. Because they represent our state as its top talent, Players in each age group become bonded in representing our state in these shared experience. Etiquette

Dress For Success

“You look good, you play good… You play good, they pay good!”

-Tori Hunter, MLB Player

Players are required to wear Gamers practice gear during workouts.

Attitude is a Decision

“There’s no crying in baseball”

-Tom Hanks, Actor

Gamer’s players are challenged to Build Themselves into outstanding well rounded young people through baseball with that established. Behavior and attitude unbecoming of a focused team driven ballplayer will be and redirected. You come to Gamers after you’ve wade the commitment to YOURSELF to improve and excel. Not before or during.

Be On Time

“You’ve got to get to the dance early!”

-Don Sneddon, Hall of Fame College Coach

Baseball is game of timing… One thing that we establish with our players is that it is always better to be early than late. Training programs offer conditioning circuits required by players to perform challenging baseball skills. Please try and show up 10 minutes early as late attendance causes conditioning to cut into training.

Have Fun

It’s supposed be fun. The man says play ball not work ball you know.”

-Willie Stargell, MLB Player

It is important for young players to understand that baseball is a game of failure… The best players are successful 3 out of 10 times. It’s also important to realize that baseball is a very blue collar game that requires a consistent every day approach. With all of this considered, it is very important for young player to develop the ability to find fun in every day they are on a ball field.