How We Work

Our Program is segmented into three age group which are ages 5-8, 9-12, 13-19 at each of these age groups we identify foundational benchmarks.

Baseball is a skill game. To progress it becomes increasingly important for players to execute skills instinctively. Our role as an organization is to:

Provide a framework to reach these benchmarks in a fun environment.

Evaluate players on where they are in reaching these benchmarks.

Always offer a high valued “WHY” for all of the information that we offer to our players.

High Valued “WHY”

Baseball is a game of trusting your ability and adjustments. As players we place so much trust in what we are currently doing that it becomes difficult to make the necessary adjument for success. In Gamers, all adjustment come with a “WHY.” We team our players that if any coach you have cannot provide a why for an adjustment, then the suggested adjustment does not have value. This is done mostly to facilitate organizational communication. Here is the process of High Valued “WHY” in Gamers:

Step 1) Any suggested adjustment needs to start with what the player is doing right.

Step 2) Suggested adjustments are supported by three “WHYs” which are:

  • WHY you should make the adjustment.
  • WHY not making the adjustment will hinder your progress.
  • WHY It makes logical sense to make the adjustment.

Step 3) Lastly, the adjustment is reaffirmed and supported through video of professional players.

The Process

The process of how we develop players is based on the concept of Leadership in Skills leading to Leadership in Drill.

Skills are defined as the tools needed to consistently execute a drill. It is in a player’s best interest to learn how to perform a skill innately at a young age. The timeline for players conquering these skills affects their ability to progress to higher competition levels. In the Gamers Program, player don’t progress by age, but by their ability to conquer skills.

Drills are defined as a controllable event that expectedly occurs in a game. With that established, all drills are a game simulation. As players learn to consistently execute and perform in drills, Their game performance will also improve. With that said, the message we offer our players is to perform the game as their best version of themselves in situations.