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Wooden Bats

The upcoming high school tournaments are all wood bats tournaments and I wanted to write and communicate the challenge of hitting with a wood bat along with the importance of training with a wood bat.A wooden bat is a dense object as opposed to a metal bat which is hollow. With that established, A hitter […]

Explanation of High School Invitational Events

This year marks the fifth year that Gamers Baseball has been offered the contracts to create teams representing Alaska’s best at top national baseball tournaments through The Arizona Fall Classic and Perfect Game. This is email provides an explanation of the top Invitational High School Tournaments/Travel Events that Gamers Baseball is involved in.Schedule: (Freshman) AZ Freshman […]

Gamers Versus Your In-Season Team

Good Afternoon,I had a conversation with a parent yesterday. The conversation had a common theme with conversations that I’ve had with other families, which was:“Would it be the best decision for me to pull my kid out of their current program to focus on Gamers?”The answer is no… Let me explain why.The focus of your […]

The Future of Gamers Baseball

Dear Families,I wanted to send you a brief email to let you know about some changes that are happening with Gamers Baseball. My current facility was purchased by a marijuana business, causing me to have to relocate. After much reflection about the program and my goals for where I would like to talk baseball in […]