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Travel Team Fundraising

Hello Gamers Families,I want to offer you the contact information for Kelly Mohl, who is the Fundraising Coordinator of our Travel Teams. She will be the point of contact in offering ways for families to reduce the cost of travel events through fundraisers. Our main fundraiser is a raffle for two airline tickets to any […]

Winter and Spring Travel Events

Hello Gamers Families,We have a December travel event planned along with a March travel event. Please offer your interest level by responding to this survey link:

Scouting/ Evaluating

Hello Gamers Families,In committing to these events, its assumed that your kid wants to excel at baseball. Part of what determines their path is how they are evaluated. It has come to my attention that there are many families that don’t have an understanding of this process. I’d like to help…One thing that I don’t […]

The Aggresive Landscape of College Recruitment in Youth Baseball

This email is in large part about the attachments to this email. Please take the time to open them, as they’re a big part of the subject matter…I was living in Juneau after my first year of professional baseball. I had a lot of spare time so I decided to help out the local high […]

College Recruitment Video/Skill Video

Hello Gamers Families,We will be coordinating the filming of college recruitment/skill videos during our fall ball practices over the next few weeks. Skill videos are an important tool in communicating to college coaches, scouts, players… basically anyone looking for outstanding players, or looking to become an outstanding player. UpperOne Studios, which is a local production […]

Fall Ball/ Travel Team Practice Schedule

Hello Gamers Families,We are offering fall practices in preparation for the upcoming fall travel events. Here is what you need to know…Practice SchedulePractices are offered on a class based schedule which will allow players to participate in focused workouts for the skill that they wish to polish for the upcoming travel events. All travel team […]