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Trailblazer Series

Congratulations to Athena Clendaniel and Nadia Chernich; MLB/USA Baseball (Girls) Alaskan Selections

Hello Gamers Families, This email is to offer a congratulations to: Athena Clendaniel  Nadia Chernich Athena and Nadia were nominated by Gamers/RBI Alaska and selected on behalf of Major League Baseball and USA Baseball as two of just 100 girls players to attend the 2018 Trailblazer Series Event! The Trailblazer Series was launched in 2017, […]

Major League Baseball

Registration now open for RBI Alaska

Hello Gamers Families, This is an email to motivate families to register on our new website to receive opportunities to participate in MLB affiliated events.To register, please click the link below and at the bottom of this email: Major League Baseball has created a new website for our program. I will need for families […]


Please Help Support a Gamers Family… Read More

This email is in support of the Boots Family. Please consider making a donation of any kind after reading this email by click the link below, and at the bottom of this email: Hello Gamers Family, The most enjoyable aspect about running this program is the community of great families that serve as the […]


Congratulations to Chloe White and Lexie Davis Alaska’s MLB/USA Softball Selections

Hello Gamers Families, This email is to offer a congratulations to: Chloe White  & Lexie Davis Chloe and Lexie were nominated by Gamers/RBI Alaska and selected on behalf of Major League Baseball and USA Softball as two of just 60 high school softball players to attend the 2018 Breakthrough Series Showcase Event! Established in 2018, […]

USA 12U National Team

USA Baseball 12U Open Development Camp

Hello Gamers Families, USA Baseball will be providing two Open Development Camps in Anchorage. These camps offer USA Baseball approved instruction curriculum and an opportunity to be selected for the USA 12U National Team. This is a great opportunity for Alaskan kids to get into a pipeline of the top players in America.  Event Info: […]


RBI Alaska; An MLB Affiliated Program

Hello Gamers Families, I have great news to share in that Gamers Baseball Alaska is now affiliated with Major League Baseball through a program called R.B.I.! The R.B.I. acronym stands for Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities and was originally designed in 2006 to support kids in low income, disadvantaged, inner city areas. The mission of the program, since […]

Summer Travel Teams

Hello Gamers Families, Please take the time to complete the three-question survey at the bottom of this email regarding summer travel events: We are taking one team, at each of the 11U, 12U, and 13U age groups to represent Alaska in two of the top youth baseball tournament series in the country through Perfect […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Tournaments vs Showcases: Alpha vs Beta Players

Hello Everyone, Gamers families have consistently expressed two things to me, 1) being that they are looking for college baseball opportunities, and 2) that they are not sure which of the numorous opportunities they recieve are worth investing in. I want to offer some clarity by defining two types of baseball events which are: Showcases […]

College Recruitment- NCAA Quiet Periods and Dead Periods

Hello Gamers Families, This email is in regards to quiet periods and dead periods in the NCAA college recruitment process.  During a dead period or quiet period, a college coach may not have face-to-face contact with a potential player or their parents, and may not watch student athletes compete, or visit their high school.  We […]