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Anchorage Area Indoor Baseball and Softball Facility

Hello Gamers Families,

Please take the time to complete this survey on developing an Anchorage area indoor baseball and softball facility after reading this email:

I am writing because we need to secure space for winter workouts. We have two options. A) The Dome B) Leasing a warehouse.

The Dome
The Dome is under new management and I was approached by the new CEO in an attempt to work with us in creating a baseball program for the Dome. This had a much better feel than the Dome management that I have seen in the past. I’m still waiting to see the times and space that are available…

Leasing a Warehouse
There is a lot more available warehouse space in Anchorage than there has been in the past. I’m looking at leasing warehouse space specifically for baseball and softball training. This will offer families attractive times for training and a space that is specifically designed for the needs of baseball and softball players. Here is a link to view the space:

There are pros and cons to both options. The Dome is a great facility and can cater to our needs but is limited in what it offers as it needs to cater to the interests of the other user groups. A lease option offers the most flexibility in developing teams and players but comes with a lot of financial liability. It can be done with our current financial model ($600 per player admin fee for seasons) but it will require engaging Anchorage’s baseball and softball community. Please take the time to complete this survey as it will offer me an idea of the interest in this venture (Baseball and Softball Specific Indoor Facility), while offering us direction on which way to go with the program. Also, please forward this survey to anyone that has a player the could benefit from an Anchorage area indoor baseball and softball facility:

Thank you for your time and interest!