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College Recruitment- NCAA Quiet Periods and Dead Periods

Hello Gamers Families,

This email is in regards to quiet periods and dead periods in the NCAA college recruitment process. 

During a dead period or quiet period, a college coach may not have face-to-face contact with a potential player or their parents, and may not watch student athletes compete, or visit their high school. 

We ran into a problem with our high school Junior travel team that was really disappointing for me, my players, and their families. I’d like to share this situation with all of my families as I’m adopting the philosophy that if there are more people looking at a problem, it tends to get resolved more effectively. Sharing this situation provides the opportunity to educate parents at all age groups on the college recruitment process. 

The top high school events have happened on the same weekends each year for years. I appreciate this dynamic as it allows me to plan our travel teams more effectively.  This year, there were date changes for “dead periods,” and “quiet periods”in the NCAA recruitment calendar…Historically, the quiet period has begun  November 1. With this year’s rule changes, the quiet period began August 28th and ended September 14th. This year’s West Coast National Championship event for high school Juniors was held September 8 through 11, and has been held on that weekend for years. The result of this was that there were not as many college coaches noticeably in attendance as there have been in the past. 

This was a disappointment as this ball club completely reinvented itself through hard work over the 2016-17 school year. I’ve been working very hard to connect these players with the opportunities they disserve. There is a lot of talent in this age group and I am confident they will all end up at the level of play they are worthy of as most of them have continued to work hard and grow in their baseball ability. 

Again, I wanted to share this message with all age groups as my focus is for Alaskan players at all age groups is to have the best possible opportunities and it will take a collaborative baseball community to accomplish this. I’ve provided a link to additional information on the NCAA recruitment calendar. If you are a parent interested in college recruitment for your player, please take the time to follow this link to educate yourselves on this process as the recruitment calendar should ultimately shape your decisions on which events to attend.

NCAA Baseball Recruitment Calendar:

Please contact me if you have any additional questions,

Jamar Hill