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Congratulations to Athena Clendaniel and Nadia Chernich; MLB/USA Baseball (Girls) Alaskan Selections

Hello Gamers Families,

This email is to offer a congratulations to:

Athena Clendaniel 

Nadia Chernich

Athena and Nadia were nominated by Gamers/RBI Alaska and selected on behalf of Major League Baseball and USA Baseball as two of just 100 girls players to attend the 2018 Trailblazer Series Event!

The Trailblazer Series was launched in 2017, when USA Baseball and Major League Baseball launched a new baseball tournament for girls, held in the greater Los Angeles area, and built around Jackie Robinson Day Weekend. In 2018, approximately 100 girls will, once again, have an unprecedented opportunity to participate in the Trailblazer Series

The 2018 Trailblazer Series event will take place April 12-16 at the MLB Compton Youth Academy in Compton, CA. The event is free to all invitees. USA Baseball/MLB will cover airfare, meals, lodging, playing equipment and uniforms for those attending.

Major League Baseball and USA Baseball are offering 2018 youth baseball events. The Alaskan selections will be announced soon… Stay tuned!

In any event, congrats Athena and Nadia on behalf of Gamers/RBI Alaska! Have a great trip!

For more information on upcoming events contact Jamar Hill @

Jamar Hill