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Gamers 2018 Spring Break Travel Event: Alaska Spring Training

Hello Gamers Familes,

This is an email regarding registration for our upcoming spring break travel event. If interested, please click the link to preregister after reading this email:

There has been exceptional interest in our 2018 spring break travel event happening March 9-March 18 in Cocoa Beach Florida. Below is a list of players at various age groups that have responded as wanting to attend… Offering this list will give families an indication of what teams may look like:

High School (Underclass)

Lucas Wilkins (ANC)

Derek McGarrigan (KET)

Corbin Stack (KET)

Christian Ludeman (JNU)

Trevin Carley (SIT)

Quinn Bates (ANC)

Blake Bacho (ANC)

Nolan Murphy (WAS)

Olin Rawson (JNU)

Zion Mendoza (ANC)

Gunnar Nix (ANC)

Braden Olmstead (ANC)

Reid Brock (ANC)

Leland Wilson (ANC)

Orozio Ramos (ANC)

Taylor McCart (ANC)

Braden Methven (WAS)

High School (Upperclass)

Ben Werner (WAS)

Brody Jessee (ANC)

Erick White (ANC)

Wyatt Barajas (KET)

Cody Kemble (KET)

Christian Cambridge (ANC)

Morgan Simic (SIT)

Micheal Starr (KET)

Ethan Izykowsky (ANC)

Gavin Salazar (KET)

Chase Subitch (ANC)

Cooper Bailey (ANC)

Middle School

Noah Lower (ANC)

Dylan Nedzwecky (KET)

Oliver Brown (ANC)

Nic Calhoun (SIT)

Chandler Coonradt

Isaiah Nelson (JNU)

Gavin Millar (JNU)

Ben Turner (SIT)

Linden Reaburn (ANC)

Peyton Montagna (ANC)

Jack Molloy (ANC)

George McSorely (WAS)

Dylan Marx (SIT)

Calen Eisenhower (KET)

Colin Huhta (ANC)

Shane Stephan (ANC)

Logan Smith (ANC)

Gavin Partch (ANC)

Bradford Baldwin (ANC)

Grade School

Gabe Wheeler (WAS)

Tommy Molloy (ANC)

Matt Tiernan (ANC)

Rowan Leatherd (ANC)

Jesse Baldwin (ANC)

Garren Henning






Action Items

This list shows the potential for a high level of enrollment, which we’ll need to staff and plan for. There are two phases to the baseball related aspects of our event planning: Phase 1/Training: All players that commit to this event are going to have an outstanding training experience. Phase 2/Games: In order to play games we need full teams of players at a given age group. If you are making plans to attend this event, please commit by paying the event deposit of $300 as soon as possible or by communicating a plan to do so, so that we can coordinate with the venue on our expected attendance size and game schedule.  If you have expressed interest and cannot attend, please let us know so that we can remove you from our list. If you are interested in this event and you do not see your name on the list above, still feel free to join as there is currently still room. Please follow the link below to register:

Thanks for your interest. Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.

Jamar Hill