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Gamers Versus Your In-Season Team

Good Afternoon,

I had a conversation with a parent yesterday. The conversation had a common theme with conversations that I’ve had with other families, which was:

“Would it be the best decision for me to pull my kid out of their current program to focus on Gamers?”

The answer is no… Let me explain why.

The focus of your current program is to win your season. The focus of Gamers is to develop each player individually. We encourage all our players to play elsewhere during the baseball season as we see a benefit to this. 

The motivation and philosophy at Gamers is completely different from that of your current team. Please read below for further information to clarify this:

Time at Gamers.
Gamers is completely a player motivated program. Players have desires to achieve and pressures to perform. It is assumed that if you’ve joined Gamers and are attending workouts, you have a desire to excel at baseball.

Gamers is designed to help you personally improve at baseball. We do this by offering a baseball and softball skill development program that focuses on the intricacies of common and impactful baseball skills. Gamers coaches are paid coaches with a wealth of knowledge of baseball at all levels. 

Time Spent on Regular Season Teams.
The focus of your teams is to win a championship.  Your personal development is secondary to this goal. Your coach has desires to lead your team to win and pressure to perform just as you do as a player. Local team coaches are generally volunteers with limited experience. There may be times when this is apparent. It is in your best interest to do everything you can to avoid being disrespectful to your coach when you feel like he or she should be offering you more. There is grace in expressing gratitude and appreciation for anyone who offers to help you in reaching for your goal. 

Be an Outstanding Subordinate. 
The real world is very competitive. Eventually you will have a boss. Your players not only need to learn how to manage themselves, but, they also need to learn to manage their boss(Coach). To work through disagreements of differences in personality toward a common goal. Here are the strategies to help with this:

-Find out the coach’s expectations upfront.
-Don’t be afraid to ask why.
-Proactively establish habits that create trust between you and your coach.

This is how we win!

These things will resonate with any coach you will ever have.