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Please Help Support a Gamers Family… Read More

This email is in support of the Boots Family. Please consider making a donation of any kind after reading this email by click the link below, and at the bottom of this email:

Hello Gamers Family,

The most enjoyable aspect about running this program is the community of great families that serve as the foundation. 

Rick Boot was a big part of our Saturday Afternoon program this spring. I was really happy to have his help during this program as I admired the way that he would work with players as he would give each player the same level of attention. I noticed this quality as making sure every player matters is in line with the program philosophy that we instill in Gamers.

I’d like to take this time to ask that we all make Jack Boots and his family matter to us…

Early last week Rick fell on the ice in Anchorage and sustained a traumatic brain injury. Rick is having other medical challenges and has a tough road ahead for full recovery. Please consider donating even a small amount to help this family by clicking the link below:

Thank you for your consideration to donate in support of Rick and Suzanne.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

All funds will go towards managing the many costs associated with this accident and will go directly to the Boots family bank account.


Jamar Hill