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Travel Team Fundraising

Hello Gamers Families,
I want to offer you the contact information for Kelly Mohl, who is the Fundraising Coordinator of our Travel Teams. She will be the point of contact in offering ways for families to reduce the cost of travel events through fundraisers. Our main fundraiser is a raffle for two airline tickets to any Alaska Airlines destination.  There will also be alternate fundraising opportunities during the year. Here is contact information for Kelly:
Kelly Mohl
Commitment is the foundation of executing these travel events.  Teams, ultimately, are the vehicle for Alaskan players to reach their goals in baseball. Non commitment, or shaky commitment, when building teams, can be toxic as it puts the team in a position where they are “held hostage” by your decision process. Unfortunately, cost is a factor for most people.  Our goal is to build teams of the most deserving players to represent Alaska, and to avoid creating teams that are exclusive to kids that can afford to travel. I’d like encourage people to realize that commitment can come in all sorts of forms. Here are several examples: 

1. Express Your Interest Early- “People don’t know what you want until you tell them.” If you have a desire to be on a team, let us know early so that we can plan accordingly to facilitate your inclusion. Be up front with limitations and expectations. If you don’t think you can afford an event, let us know early so that we can get more people working together to make something happen. If you have an expectation of how you should be used on the team, let us know early so that we can plan accordingly. A situation my arise where the coach might have a different plan for you. Letting us know your expectations of the team offers us the opportunity to be up front with our plan for you on the team to avoid a preventable negative experience. 

2. Committing Your Time- Everyone is different. Some families my have a lot of resources and very little time, while others have limited resources with time to offer. Time is a resource. Your time is valuable. We welcome you to donate your time in support of these events. 

3. Committing Your Talent/Resources- We’ve had parents volunteer as coaches, team managers, administrative managers, fundraising managers, construction helper, etc… We’ve also had parents offer support through discounted car rentals and reduce costs airfare from work associated benefits… Everything helps. 

What it comes down to is that the foundation of the organization is team building. We are always working to create hard working and talented baseball teams, but it is equally as important to create teams of hard working and talented parents. 
Planning For Costs
The fall showcase events that we attend have been the premiere showcase events since I was in high school, 17 years ago. This is why these events have such an extensive alumni. With that established, it safe to make an expectation to be in a fall showcase event each year in high school, especially living in Alaska as this time offers the best opportunity for exposure to recruiters. I am familiar with the cost of events from my own personal career. As stated earlier, I participated in the same events as a kid. These events ultimately turned out to be a key motivator for me in my goal setting as a young person. Being from Alaska, I knew that I needed to get out to pursue baseball. I didn’t have a lot of help at home so I knew I needed to find work and plan ahead to make this happen. This really shaped a lot of rich work/life experiences for me that I really needed at the time, outside of baseball. Thanks for letting me share this…Hopefully you find this helpful.

Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns.


Jamar Hill