Summer Travel – Seattle

Gamers Baseball is coordinating a fall baseball travel event to Seattle. This event is designed to connect Alaskan ball players with other players from around the State of Alaska, while offering an opportunity for them to be challenged with experiences from professional coaches, games experience against players from other states, and up close educational access to Major League Baseball players and games.

This event will be the week of July 23rd through July 26th and we will be offering team in the age rage (Baseball/Softball):

  1. Little League (Ages 7-12)
  2. Middle School (Ages 12-14)
  3. High Schoolers (Ages 14-18)

The cost of this event is $600, which covers all baseball activities.

*It is assumed that most players at these age group will be traveling with family… Separate pricing will be offered to players traveling alone to cover meals, airfare, and lodging.